June 4, 2018

Super Mega Crash Bros. Turbo 43 - The Decoy Gumshoe

This week, we welcome Decoy from the YouTube channel, Pixel Pixel into the Palace of Mega Pixels and he gives us some insight into his content, where his name originates and what drew him to the XBox.

In the news, we touch on the announcements of new Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch, the continuing saga of PUBG vs. Fortnite, a new look at Mega Man 11, The Xbox Rewards App, Fallout '76 and more! We also continue our E3 2018 predictions and talk about what we expect from Microsoft this year. Finally, we round things out with the shortest retro review ever for the NES zapper game, Gumshoe.


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Theme music composed by Setsuo Yamamoto/ arranged and performed by FamilyJules7x

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Announcer: Sean McLain

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